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A Full DJ Setup On
Your iPad or iPhone

Music is required to have a successful event, it sets the tone, moves things along, picks things back up or makes it over the top. What if there was a button you could push to do all that on demand? Meet Qusik.

Simple Playlists

Simply import tracks directly from your existing iTunes Library. You can add one song at a time or your favorite play list. Qusik is designed to do all the heavy lifting for you so just set how you'd like the playlists to start and stop.

Each playlist is designed to automatically crossfade your music, so you sound like you are a pro without any heavy lifting. If you have a song with a long intro or you just want to cue up a song perfectly every time, adjust the stop and start time so you never leave your party with a lull in music.

Use With A Microphone

Qusik’s innovative features allow you to run a mic right over the top of your music without a mixer or additional hardware. Want to step it up a notch? Add a wireless mic and unleash the power of this app. Its smooth auto ducking feature and and reverb are sure to impress at your next event.

More Features

Up to 12 playlist buttons per dashboard
Expand dashboards from 6 to 12 buttons
Custom dashboard background Images
Independent volume control for each playlists
Automatic fade/crossfade between songs and playlists
Customizable start and stop times for each song in a playlist
Master volume control
Use nternal or external mic over audio
Mic volume control, auto Ducking, quality enhancement and reverb
Categorize you music for each event
Load all of your playlists with a touch of a button


Sound like a professional DJ within seconds
Keep the music going and never miss a beat
Import your own playlist or visit our playlist page
Change the mood on the fly with the touch of a button
Impress at any type of event
Keep your best party mixes stored in one place
Be ready for any event in minutes
Instantly turn your iPad or iPhone into a PA System